Saturday, 4 August 2012

Welcome to JaysGoonerBlog!

Welcome everyone to JaysGoonerBlog!

First of all, i'm Jay, a 16 year old gooner living in Ireland. My main reason for creating this blog is that i'm a lone gooner amongst my mates and i get very caught up in the monotonous or in other words, stressful times us AFC fans go through. From the continuous downgrading of our players to the constant reminder of our trophy drought and ever now and then i like to have a bit of a rant and let off some steam! The only problem is, my mates are basically sick of it so i thought i'd share my thoughts with people who care, you guys, fellow Gooners!

What can you expect from this blog other than the odd rants? Well, in truth, a whole host of things. Whether its transfer talk, tactics talk, contract, player, boardroom or anything else you guys deem worthy, ill do my very best to supply you with the best possible round up of Arsenal news from around the web! I will by no means claim all information to be my own and will credit each and every source along with supplying links to you guys to any articles i find particularly interesting.

I appreciate you guys reading and i'm always open to criticism and/or praise,

Thanks a million guys! Jay.

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