Monday, 26 November 2012

Back and Ready to Post!

And We're Back!

Right, I began this blog at the start of the season, posted about 5 times I think, and fell out of love with it right away. I'v been thinking recently and i really believe this could be a fairly successful blog. I want to use it to voice my opinions and concerns about Arsenal to people who care about the club and also want to have a bit of a moan about the goings on! 

Basically we're gonna have pre and post match reactions and analysis, squad news, general discussions and whatever else you guys wanna see on here.

I want this blog to be as interactive to its readers as possible to the people reading it. I'll be setting up a Twitter where you can tweet out your opinions and each new post will be Tweeted out to you guys aswel.

I'm not trying to be the next Arseblog, the guys over there do a great job. I'm just looking for a place where I can voice my opinions and hopefully hear back from you guys aswel.

Thanks for the read guys,

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